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The Cabinet Council has instructed the Ministry of the Presidency to submit a claim before the Supreme Court to void the contracts signed in 2010 between Panama and the companies Selex, Agusta and ...


At least $9 million in contracts from the National Assistance Program (PAN) were given to businessman Félix Fernández-Miranda in the form of 32 no-bid contracts to provide items such as backpacks ...


Businessman Roberto Carretero, who is under investigation for contracts he received from the National Assistance Program (PAN), also sold the state millions of dollars worth of security ...


Tocumen International Airport officials have reached an agreement to terminate cleaning contracts with two companies awarded during the goverment of Ricardo Martinelli.The contracts, granted to ...


The hiring of consultants by the administration of former President Ricardo Martinelli is coming under increased scrutiny due to allegations of nepotism in the issuing of contracts and the large ...

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