Gustavo García de Paredes to seek re-election as UP rector


University of Panama (UP) Rector Gustavo García de Paredes has confirmed that he will seek re-election when his term expires in 2014.

He has held the position since 1994.

"At a meeting with professors and administrative authorities, they asked me to participate (in the next election.) I told them that if that was their wish, I would  participate," he said.

García de Paredes dismissed criticism from detractors who oppose his candidacy.

"That is an opinion. If we believe in democracy, democracy is to resolve these disputes with the power of the majority. And the power of the majority is achieved through votes. Whoever wants to run can do so," he said.

Gustavo García de Paredes was born on Sept. 23, 1938 in Tripoli, Lebanon. In 1962 he received a bachelor's degree in philosophy and arts majoring in history at the University of Madrid. In 1963 he received a doctorate in philosophy and literature with a specialization in universal history at the University of Madrid.


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