Tribunal orders seizure of property in PAN case

 The order applies to 39 companies, all of which were created during the administration of Ricardo Martinelli.


The Tribunal of Accounts has ordered the seizure of property owned by 39 companies, all created in the last five years, in connection with irregularities in the National Assistance Program (PAN).

The companies have been connected to irregularities in the PAN. The tribunal ordered the seizure of bank accounts and safety deposit boxes, as well as assets such as real estate and airplanes.

An audit by the Comptroller has estimated the economic injury to the state as being up to $33.2 million.

In addition, 12 former officials have been linked, including Rafael Guardia Jaén, a former PAN director, and his assistant Abrahams Williams.

Accounts Prosecutor Guido Rodríguez said that the fact that some of the companies had been dissolved will not impact that case, as "their legal representatives are responsible for their actions." 

Tribunal judges issued the order after determining that "sufficient evidence was provided of alleged financial injury."

Several of the companies involved in the case were found to have delivered to checks to Guardia Jaen, which prosecutors have said were bribes.

For example, Econobasicos Internacional, S.A., linked to Penonomé businessman Juan Carlos Marciaga, delivered several checks to Guardia Jaén.

Marciaga claimed the checks, which totaled about $500,000, were campaign  donations despite the fact that they were made out to the official's personal account and not to a political party.



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