Pedro Miguel González calls for money laundering probe

Charges have been dismissed in the case, but could be reinstated.


Deputy Pedro Miguel Gonzalez has called for the Public Ministry to continue its investigation of 14 people for money laundering linked to the accounts of former Supreme Court Justice Alejandro Moncada Luna.

Gonzalez based his statement on a dissenting opinion written by Judge Luis Mario Carrasco in response to the decision of the two other judges of the Second Superior Criminal Court who voted to dismiss the charges. The judges dismissed the charges by stating that no criminal case for money laundering had been pursued against Moncada Luna, who pleaded guilty to other charges.

"Conditions of the agreement were only applicable to the judge who was being investigated, not to the rest of the people involved in the events," said Gonzalez.

Moncada Luna was sentenced to 60 months of prison. Gonzalez served as the prosecutor in the case. He said the money laundering charge was dismissed as part of the plea agreement.


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