PAN financed sales of Lerkshore

Investigators have ordered accounts linked to Giacomo Tamburrelli and Lucy Molinar seized. The company sold PAN dehydrated food to be distributed to schools.


The National Assistance Program (PAN) financed Lerkshore International so it could buy dehydrated food from Brazi to distribute to schools.

This is clear from the investigation of the second anti-corruption prosecutor, which mentions that Lerkshore International - represented by Rueben De Ycaza - incurred "cost overruns and misappropriation of public funds."

De Ycaza confessed to prosecutors that the company's financing "came from two contracts with the state during the administration of Ricardo Martinelli."

The prosecutor's office indicated that Lerkshore International "acquired letters of credit with funds from the National Bank of Panama (BNP) that came from PAN."

A report by the comptroller, shows that the company received advances of $18.5 million between June and December of 2010. One of these transfers, for $15.5 million, was endorsed by former Comptroller Bianchini Gioconda.

Lerkshore International, which provided dehydrated food to public schools between 2010 and 2011, had no physical presence in Panama nor any experience in "the manufacture or import of dehydrated food," prosecutors said.

The authorities also questioned the cost of the products provided to the government. According to audits, the company was paid almost $45 million, though the actual cost of the food was about $15 million. There are also allegations that some of the food caused children to become sick. There was never an investigation into those allegations.

Prosecutors have seized assets belonging to De Ycaza and his family.



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