Charges dropped in money laundering case


The Second High Court of Justice dismissed charges of money laundering against Felipe Pipo Virzi, Nicolás Corcione, Ricardo Calvo Latorraca, María de el Pilar Fernández - wife of Alejandro Moncada Luna - and 10 others, in a decision dated Sept. 23.

The decision was signed by Wilfredo Sáenz and María de Lourdes Estrada. It also ordered the lifting of pre-trial detention measures imposed on the defendants.

the charges stemmed from a case involving Moncada Luna, a former Supreme Court judge, in which he pleaded guilty to fraud and unjustified enrichment and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Judge Luis Mario Carrasco reserved his vote.

The money laundering investigation was opened after the case against Moncada Luna was investigated. Others charged were Julian Paris Rodriguez, Jorge Espino Mendez, Alberto Ortega Maltez, Felipe Rodriguez guard, Humberto Juarez Barahona, Maria Gabriela Reyna Lopez, Mauricio Ortiz Quesada, Claudio Poma Murialdo Sommaruga, Oscar Ivan Rivera and Francisco Filiu Nigaglioni.

The motion to dismiss the case was filed by lawyer Gilberto Pérez, representing the company Cubemu, S.A., which was linked to Virzi and Calvo. It said the the prosecutors failed to link the funds involved to any crime.


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