Finmeccanica agreement published in Gazette

The new agreement saves the government $100 million.


The government published the full draft in the Official Gazette of the new agreement with the Italian conglomerate Finmeccanica that replaces the original $250 million deal signed during the government of Ricardo Martinelli.

The agreement represents a saving of more than $100 million for the state.

Through the agreement, the government cancels its agreement to purchase radars from the subsidiary Selex. That will save 38.8 million euros.

The seven radars that are already installed will be used to guard the coast, but they will not be able to detect smaller vessels used by drug traffickers.

In addition, the country will receive a credit of 29 million euros that can be used on parts or new equipment.

The agreement includes the final acceptance of the contract by six helicopters with AgustaWestland and a digital mapping system from the company Telespazio. 

In the case of a $25 million commissions that was supposed to be paid to the company Agafea, Finmeccanica said it will provide a helicopter ambulance whose value is 8.1 million euros. The company will also provide training and maintenance of the aircraft.

The company also agreed to cooperate in criminal investigations into irregularities in the contract.



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