Carretero to be questioned about PAN contracts

He is being held under house arrest.


The sixth anti-corruption prosecutor has ordered an investigation of businessman Roberto Carretero for his alleged involvement in irregularities in the purchase of musical instruments through the National Assistance Program (PAN) during the past five years.

A judicial source confirmed that he will be questioned about the case next week. Prosecutors will also question officials from the Ministry of Education who were in charge of the contract.

The Public Ministry recently ordered an audit of the contracts between the PAN and the companies Country Max and Commercial Nulato, which have been linked to Carretero.

Former PAN Director Rafael Guardia Jaen has been questioned in the case, and told prosecutors that he was "an errand boy" and was directed to issue the $12 million contract to companies linked to Carretero, who is being held under house arrest.


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