Varela says Colon will be a priority


The security council met today in Colon. The security council met today in Colon. Expandir Imagen
The security council met today in Colon. Especial para La Prensa/Amada Racero

President Juan Carlos Varela classified the province of Colón as a challenge for the Panamanian state in criminal matters, due to the latest violent acts on the Atlantic coast. 

Varela made his statement at the departure of the security council meeting that was held this morning in Colón. Later he was planning to attend the funeral of national soccer team member Amílcar Henríquez, who was shot and killed over the weekend. 

The president said that security strategies will be strengthened to deal with and end organized crime. 

He added that important projects are being developed in Colón that are generating jobs. 

National Police Chief Omar Pinzón said that the number of agents in Colón will be increased, and that enforcement will be focused on gangs and drug trafficking. 

Meanwhile, Attorney General Kenia Porcell called on the society to collaborate and cooperate with the investigations to avoid impunity and asked to have more confidence in the implementation of the accusatory criminal system.


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