Varela promises housing for people waiting for surgeries

The pledge has worried Social Security officials.


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President Juan Carlos Varela. LA PRENSA/Archivo

After reporting that Social Security Fund has $2.3 billion in a bank account, President Juan Carlos Varela announced that he will offer housing for people waiting for surgeries. 

The announcement comes a day after questions were raised about the payment of hospital expenses for Rolando López, executive secretary of the National Security Council, as well as other government officials. The expenses for Lopez were more than $17,000. 

Social Security will work on implementing the plan in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Presidency.

The proposal has prompted criticism from some sectors due to the enourmous expense the government will incur.

"He doesn't know what he is talking about," said former Sopcial Security Director Marianela Morales. "This is an emotional reaction."

Others have said that Varela made this promise without understanding how many people will be impacted.


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