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Tocumen looks to issue new fuel tender

A contract to provide these services is being prepared.


Tocumen International Airport. Tocumen International Airport. Expandir Imagen
Tocumen International Airport. Roberto Cisneros

Tocumen, S.A. has started the process of seeking a vendor to sell jet fuel at the airports it operates.

Seven companies, including ones from the United States, Scotland and Spain, have showed interest.

As part of the process, Tocumen officials held a tour last week through the terminals at Río Hato and Panama Pacifico which were attended by the interested companies.

In 2016, Tocumen annulled the contract signed by the former administration with the American company Asig, according to which the airport received a cent for every gallon of fuel sold.

After a year of negotiation, Asig agreed to lower its own commission to three cents and pay four cents to Tocumen until a new contract is tendered.

The delivery of proposals is scheduled for early April, but an extension is being considered.

Every day in Tocumen, more than 600,000 gallons of jet fuel are consumed.


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