Deputies face complaint


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Alejandro Moncada Luna. LA PRENSA/Jorge Fernández

Attorney Gonzalo Moncada Luna filed a criminal complaint against two deputies who are part of the court of compliance designated in the judicial process involving former Supreme Court Justice Alejandro Moncada Luna. 

The complaint, introduced Tuesday, is against representatives Rony Araúz and Crescencia Prado. Deputy Jorge Iván Arrocha, who presides over the compliance court, was not included in the action, since the complainant considers that he has "been the only [deputy] who has shown willingness to hold the hearing." 

In his letter, the attorney requested the court to investigate Araúz and Prado for the alleged commission of crimes of abuse of authority and breach of duties of public servants. 

He said they failed to fulfill their duties as judges of compliance by failing to hold hearings requested on innumerable occasions by Ramiro Jarvis, judicial representative of the former justice.

The former Supreme Court justice was convicted of unjustified enrichment and falsification of public documents. He was sentenced to serve a five-year term starting in March 2015.


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