Residents opposed to Punta Pacífica project

Deputy Ana Matilde Gómez has also opposed the project.


Residents of Punta Pacifica have opposed the rezoning of a parcel in the area to low-density urban commercial.

Argelis Gaudeano, a member of the Urban Network, explained that the residents of Punta Pacifica showed their opposition to the change during a public hearing yesterday before the Municipal Planning Board.

Gaudeano said that municipal rules also do not allow zoning changes per lot.

Meanwhile, Deputy Ana Matilde Gomez also said she opposed the change.

She said the voices of residents need to be respected, since they are the ones who will be impacted. Gomez argued that developers must understand that the city is to live in, so building projects neem to take into account the opinions of residents.

The representative of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects to the Planning Council, Tomás Sosa, explained that this is not a zoning change, but an addition to an existing code in the area .


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