Copa pilots threaten strike


Copa pilots speak at a press conference today. Copa pilots speak at a press conference today. Expandir Imagen
Copa pilots speak at a press conference today. LA PRENSA/Richard Bonilla

Pilots for Copa Airlines said they will strike on June 15 is no agreement is reached with the airline. 

This was reported by the spokespersons of the National Union of Commercial Pilots (Unpac) in a press conference, in which they clarified that the negotiations continue between them and Copa Holdings. 

Luis Young, Secretary General of Unpac, said negotiations between the union and the company are at their most critical stage. 

The pilots request that the salary increases for length of service in the Panamanian airline be recognized. 

In addition, they point out that Copa Airlines pilots earn 40 percent less compared to their peers from other companies in the region. 

The 1,000 pilots who work in the company and who are also affiliated with Unpac request that their employer recognize the time that they allocate to the preparation of the flight. 

According to Unpac, the company establishes that the pilot's day begins when the aircraft door is closed, and does not take into account the process of reviewing the instruments and knowing the weather conditions during the flight route.


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