Request made to investigate Frankie Martinelli


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Attorney Alvin Weeden yesterday filed a criminal complaint for alleged money laundering and influence peddling before the Public Ministry on behalf of Rodney Soto, a former employee of Francisco "Frankie" Martinelli.

Martinelli is a cousin of former President Ricardo Martinelli, and the complaint is based on allegations that Soto was ordered to sign a contract without being allowed to read it. 

This contract was with the Caribbean company Sarda Management and the company Sofratesa of Panama - a sub-contractor in the construction of line 1 of the Metro - for $2.3 million. According to Weeden, the contract represents "influence peddling and money laundering" because its object "does not correspond to real services, and is aimed at masking illicit activities." 

Weeden notes that Sarda had an account at the BCT Bank, where Sofratesa made disbursements. 

As part of the complaint, Weeden provided copies of media reports that links Frankie Martinelli with the payment of a helicopter belonging to the family of Martinelli.


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