Official: Odebrecht pressured officials in Panama


Fernando Miglaccio Da Silva. Fernando Miglaccio Da Silva. Expandir Imagen
Fernando Miglaccio Da Silva.

Odebrecht executive Fernando Miglaccio, the firm's chief financial operator, stated last year in Curitiba, Brazil, that the powerful construction company exerted pressure in Panama to prevent sensitive information requested by Lava Jato prosecutors from being forwarded by the Public Ministry. 

Miglaccio stated that a major financial operator, named Luiz Eduardo Soares, traveled to Panama "at least three times" to take charge "specifically on this matter" and that every time he returned to Brazil he informed him of the results of the negotiations. 

In particular, he explained that Odebrecht's superintendent in Panama, André Rabello, "was pressuring the president of Panama not to send the information requested by Brazil." 

It is not clear which president Miglaccio was referring to. Brazil prosecutors requested the information in 2014, when the government changed.

Brazilian prosecutors have been pressing Panama to send information on the accounts of Constructora Internacional del Sur, an Odebrecht-controlled company from which multi-million dollar payments were made to Petrobras officials and foreign politicians. Panama has started cooperating in the investigation. 


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