GUPC intends to evade contract

It wants more money for the Panama Canal expansion project.


The Canal expansion opened last year. The Canal expansion opened last year. Expandir Imagen
The Canal expansion opened last year. LA PRENSA/Archivo

Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC), the consortium that built the third set of locks for the Panama Canal expansion, has again tried to go outside the limits of the contract to gain extra payment for the work. 

The contractor has requested an arbitrator make a decision on four claims totaling $ 5.6 billion without going through the second step of the conflict resolution process. That process would give the arbitration board more information about the claims, according to the Panama Canal Authority (ACP). 

The ACP has filed its response and raised objections to the request.

The consortium, which won the contract for design and construction of the third set of locks in 2009 for $3.18 billion, has filed claims of $6.86 billion, alleging additional costs at the site. It has been criticized for filing a number of claims which have not been justified by supporting evidence. 

While the authorities process these claims, the contractor has continued to work on minor defects, which is expected to be completed in June. 


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