Etesa orders reduced energy consumption Monday

The measure applies to hours of peak usage.


Etesa workers make repairs at a substation. Etesa workers make repairs at a substation. Expandir Imagen
Etesa workers make repairs at a substation. Luis García

The electric transmission company Etesa announced measures to ration electric power Sunday following Friday's power outage in Panama City and Colón.

Among the measures that Etesa ordered the public and private sectors to follow is to shut down air conditioning systems from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m, including in the city's shopping centers.

Those businesses and offices that have their own electric power plants must operate them and "disconnect completely from the network."

This measure does not include public and private hospitals, the Panama Metro, areas of Tocumen, reverted areas or the rest of the country.

The decision to ration energy, Etesa said, is to "stabilize the electricity system" in the city. The company said there were three explosions at the Etesa substation in Condado del Rey that caused the blackout.

"The state of alert is declared as a preventive measure to avoid overloading the system in Panama City and allow technicians to successfully complete the stabilization work of the system," said Etesa.


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