Curundú station toc ost $50 million

It is part of Line 1 of the Metro.


A map of the proposed station. A map of the proposed station. Expandir Imagen
A map of the proposed station. LA PRENSA

The proposed Curundu station on Line 1 of the Metro will cost at least $50 million. 

The stop will be located behind the Electoral Tribunal, near the Agricultural Market. 

The president of the Metro's board of directors, Roberto Roy, said that this project will be tendered after completion of the construction of Line 2, which will run from the district of San Miguelito to Tocumen, and after the start of Line 3, which will run from Albrook to La Chorrera.

Roy did not specify where the funds will com from. 

On the subject, representatives of public transport users said that this station is a necessity, and that it is urgent that it be built. 

It would be Line 1's 15th station along its 16-kilometer route.It would benefit an estimated 20,000 people. 


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