Court: Assembly donations are unconstitutional

The decision was made yesterday.


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The Supreme Court. LA PRENSA/Archivo

The donations granted by the National Assembly are unconstitutional.

This was determined yesterday by the Supreme Court when it voided a decree of the Comptroller of the Republic issued in October 2016, which regulated the delivery of donations by deputies.

"The decree is unconstitutional, because it regulates a matter that is unconstitutional," said Judge Harry Diaz, who wrote the majority decision.

In a letter dated March 6, Diaz warned that the Assembly has been delivering these donations without there being "any constitutional, legal, or regulatory provision."

The ruling came after La Prensa published a series of articles that found that many of the donations made between July 2014 and December 2016 never reached the intended recipients.

Comptroller Federico Humbert said in a statement that he supports the ban on donations, and will seek to expand the court's ruling.


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