Money connected to Odebrecht found in Andorra

The amount was $12.8 million.


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Prosecutor Kenia Porcell revealed Monday that $12.8 million had been located in accounts in Andorra linked to the investigation of bribes paid by Odebrecht to Panama officials. 

In an interview with Telemetro, Porcell said that the money is related to a person who "is in the file of Odebrecht, where we have already located $22 million."

That amount referred to money seized from Swiss bank accounts linked to the sons of former President Ricardo Martinelli. 

Porcell also said that several of those who have collaborated in the investigations linked to the Odebrecht case have been offered large sums of money to retract their allegations before the Attorney General's Office. 

Shee added that both she and anti-corruption prosecutors have received threats, which she described as being made by "cowards."


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