Ombudsman criticizes use of force in evicting squatters

A person died Saturday as authorities tried to evict them.


The removal of squatters has been suspended. The removal of squatters has been suspended. Expandir Imagen
The removal of squatters has been suspended. LA PRENSA/Ana Renteria

The Ombudsman's Office denounced the excessive use of force during the eviction carried out in Cerro Galera, Arraiján, Saturday that resulted in a woman being killed. 

This was announced by Maykol Harking, the human rights officer of the Ombudsman's Office, who is handling the case. 

During a visit to the area, Harking said that it was difficult to verify that from the villagers there has been an act of aggression against the personnel in charge of the demolition work. 

Instead, he observed numerous police officers and members of the civil defense agency Sinaproc. 

He added that residents only aspire to decent land to build their homes. 

The operation in Cerro Galera began last Thursday and involved officials from Sinaproc, police, the Panama Fire Department and the Ministry of Housing. 

The person was killed when a house that was being removed collapsed on her. She was identified as Demetria Montenegro. 

The operation remains suspended.


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