Capriles denounces efforts to remove attorney general in Venezuela


Henrique Capriles. Henrique Capriles. Expandir Imagen
Henrique Capriles. Xinhua

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles denounced President Nicolás Maduro today for seeking to remove Attorney General Luisa Ortega, who in recent weeks has been critical of the actions of state security forces. 

"In a meeting with the military high command, Maduro said that he wants a prosecutor who complies with the orders he gives," Capriles said. 

As of May 12, a total of 155 people had been indicted by military courts in cases the attorney general has refused to prosecute. 

At the end of April, Ortega, denounced the military courts for ignoring her request to release detainees held without due process. 


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