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Money belonging to Carlos 'Caneto' Araúz seized

The businessman is being investigated for irregularities in the PAN.


The fourth anti-corruption prosecutor has seized $2.5 million from entrepreneur Carlos "Caneto" Araúz, who is being investigated for irregularities in the National Assistance Program (PAN).

Araúz voluntarily turned over the funds on the orders of the Public Prosecutor's Office, reported a source of that entity.

Araúz has been jailed since Feb. 24 at the headquarters of the National Police in Ancón, and is seeking to be released.

A protected witness revealed to prosecutors that Araúz was one of the business owners who benefited from contracts granted by the PAN for more than $20 million.

A total of 58 people are being investigated.

They include businessman Roberto Carretero, who was released Friday after turning over $1 million to prosecutors. He is now being held under house arrest pending his trial.

The Comptroller General has estimated that upwards of $33 million was stolen from the PAN due to irregularities in contracts.


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