ACP launches new service

It is designed to increase efficiency.


A ship transits the Panama Canal. A ship transits the Panama Canal. Expandir Imagen
A ship transits the Panama Canal. Archivo

The Panama Canal announced Wednesday that it will launch a new system of transit programming and management of maritime resources.

This is being done in response to the growing transits through the waterway. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) said it will contribute to optimizing costs, improving safety and increasing the efficiency and reliability of the services that are offered.

Administrator Jorge Luis Quijano said that the system will use new technology "to offer better solutions to our customers as we manage more and more transits and adapt to changes in world trade."

With this new method, the interoceanic route will be able to execute a fully integrated operational plan for all its resources, including tugs, pilots and deck assistants.

The technology that will be used in the new system has been recognized worldwide for breaking multiple records in solving some of the more complex optimization and programming problems, the ACP said in a statement.

Arnoldo Cano, manager of the renewal program of processes and core systems, commented that the technology is the best in its class.

The system is being provided by the Quintiq company, a Dutch entity owned by Dassault Systemes, which specializes in providing planning and optimization of the supply chain to the maritime, transport and logistics industries.

It will be implemented over the next two years.


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