Cinta Costera project tied to campaign funds

The proof is in an e-mail sent by Odebrecht.


José Domingo Arias and Joao Santana. José Domingo Arias and Joao Santana. Expandir Imagen
José Domingo Arias and Joao Santana. LA PRENSA/Archivo

An e-mail with payment instructions, generated in Odebrecht's Structured Operations Sector - also known as the "Department of Bribes" - has connected the company to payments made to Joao Santana, a strategist of the 2014 presidential campaign of CD candidate José Domingo Arias. 

Although the primary recipient is a person with the nickname "Eagle," in the e-mail there are observations: instructions are also given that a million dollars - divided into three payments - will be given to "Feira," a code name used for Santana. These funds came from the Cinta Costera III project. 

In recent statements to the press, Arias strongly denied that his campaign received money from Odebrecht, although his is the only party that has not released his list of donors.

Arias also disconnected former president Ricardo Martinelli from the management of campaign funds.


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