Reforms approved on third debate

They will now be forwarded to President Juan Carlos Varela.


Deputies discuss the proposed electoral reforms Tuesday. Deputies discuss the proposed electoral reforms Tuesday. Expandir Imagen
Deputies discuss the proposed electoral reforms Tuesday. LA PRENSA/Ana Rentería

One year and three months after they were presented by the Electoral Tribunal (TE), the plenary of the National Assembly finally approved yesterday on third and final debate the reforms to the Electoral Code. 

After the approval of the project, TE Judge Heriberto Araúz announced that they will not yet make a statement on the reforms. 

"There were several adjustments made in the second debate and we have to sit down to make a very thoughtful and calm reading of the document, and then the Electoral Tribunal will issue a public opinion and a statement to the nation about our official position," said Araúz. 

He said that the only thing he can say is that the project seems to represent a positive step forward, although the final version is different from what was endorsed by the National Commission of Electoral Reforms. 

Prior to the third debate, Araúz explained, they had a meeting with several deputies, because they still showed their concern about some of the reforms and the regulation of the law that will correspond to the TE. 

"This is a very complex stage," said the magistrate.

The reforms are now awaiting the signature of President Juan Carlos Varela.


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